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A Flex Liaison Officer dedicated to you

Jenny is a phenomenal addition to our business. She’s taken the people function to the next level.

Stuart Sunderland
Stuart Sunderland
Founder & CEO, CityPantry

With this company and role I’ve found both the flexibility I needed and also the challenge I was craving.

Jenny Crawford
Jenny Crawford
Chief People Officer, CityPantry
Juggle For Professionals

Get matched with the businesses which are looking for someone just like you.


Experienced, empathetic humans asking about your needs

Smart Matching

Well matched jobs based on the terms you need

Recruitment Tools

Scheduling, feedback reminders to help you keep track of your jobs

Easy Paperwork

Offers, references, contracts, vetting - sorted


Be guided through the interview Process by Talent Specialists


Dedicated Flex Liaison Officer to Ensure you're happy and well

Juggle for professionals

Learn more about Juggle for professionals, here’s some frequently asked questions


How do I signup?

Sign up and we’ll guide you through a quick yet thorough onboarding process to get you started.

How do you make sure companies are flexible?

Just like we vet our professional members, we do the same for businesses. Those that don’t embrace flexibility don’t join, simple.

How do I browse for jobs?

Head to the “browse” job section of the website and there you will see a selection of live jobs we are handling. Remember this only a selection so in order to have the best spread of matches, signup!

Can I tailor my profile per application?

Yes absolutely. We know that flex and compensation needs vary from job to job and we have designed the process with that in mind.

What happens if I see a suitable job but you haven’t sent me that match?

Normally there is a good reason and we only match if there is a good chance of the business interviewing you. We are the first to admit that we do not always get it right however so if you feel we’ve made a mistake, let us know and we will take a closer look.
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