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Prudential Regulation Manager

Leading insurance company
Background and skills

We’re looking for a Prudential Regulation Manager to lead a London based Insurance company's policy development in relation to the UK’s prudential regulation and supervisory framework, including its development post-Brexit. As part of a team of 6, you’ll support the Assistant Director, Head of Prudential Regulation in leading the team and guiding your colleagues on views on policy issues from a prudential regulation perspective. You will also have line management responsibility. You may not have worked on prudential regulation previously, but we’re looking for someone who has an understanding of financial services regulation, is passionate about building their knowledge of prudential regulation, and can quickly get up to speed on and digest technical information.

PAYE Salaried
£60k to £70k per year
Office Time
Majority of time (50-90%) in office.
Key Responsibilities
Policy guidance
Risk oversight
Writing legal content
Days per week
5 days a week
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