Diverse leadership teams
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Whether you're a business who doesn't know where to start or a professional who shares our vision, Juggle is here to help

We're here to help build gender diverse teams

Gender diverse teams have been proven to be happier and more profitable. Many believe the gender diversity battle has been won, yet in business leadership teams there remains a gender imbalance. as of the end of 2021 only 8% of FTSE 100 CEOs and 38% FTSE 100 Directors are women*.

We believe that has to change and we're here to make that happen.

Thriving gender diverse teams are not built by accident. It is a deliberate path that businesses choose to tread in partnership with professionals. Beyond recruitment, it's about the culture of organisations and the people who operate in them.

*The Fawcett Sex & Gender Report 2022

Building diverse teams
with Juggle

Regardless of where your organisation is in your diversity journey, Juggle can help


  • Diversity data analysis
  • Employee interviews
  • Employee surveys
  • Policy review


  • Company values
  • Employer brand
  • DEI policies
  • Benefits review


  • Job adverts
  • Pay transparency
  • Adaptability
  • Tooling

Frequently asked questions

We want to improve diversity on our team - where do we start?
First, you're not alone. Very few companies can claim to have truly diverse teams across their organisation. We firmly believe that the first step you need to take is to reflect on where you are. You need to understand your starting point as best you can - can you measure the diversity of your teams, what policies do you have in place and importantly what do your current employees think. Only once you've built out this picture can you really understand where your challenges are.
Will my company culture need to change?
Potentially. We know from experience, that there is little success to be had in recruiting a diverse team into a culture which is not inclusive. You need to ensure that the environment for the team is inclusive so that diverse hires will then be able to succeed. This cuts all the way through the organisation; from the internal brand through culture and values to the ways in which people's performance is measured.
As a candidate, how can I assess where a company is with regards IED?
You would usually have a number of pointers through your interactions with the organisation - probably most importantly with the people who interview you. Well written job ads, diverse interviewers and transparency throughout are good signs - but the process may be being managed by a third party. If you really want to know, ask. Companies who care about diversity will welcome the opportunity to talk to you about where they are. Don't expect companies to have it all figured out - in fact be wary of any who say they do. Instead look for companies who give you an authentic insight into where they are on the journey and what they're working on next.
Why am I struggling to hire women?
Without more insights on your specific situation, it's difficult for us to say for sure, but in our experience there are a number of key reasons this can happen. To understand what's happening you need to step back and look at your organisation with a critical eye. You need to evaluate how inclusive your company culture is - female candidates will pick up on issues with that in the hiring process and drop out. You should look at your recruitment process - have you changed it to reflect the candidates you want to attract. We've done lots of thinking on this, you can read more in our white paper.
Why are women leaving my company so quickly?
You've made some amazing female hires, but they're choosing to move on within a few months or a year. To work out why, you need to experience the company in the way they do, if they're willing to tell you you need to listen. How inclusive is your culture really - particularly at leadership levels. Have you made token female hires and then expected them to carry the burdern of fixing the gender diversity problem for you. Do your benefits and policies give women what they expect from a working environment? It's unlikely to be one single thing making them leave, but unless you understand the factors at play women will continue to leave and your hiring efforts are in vain.
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