We are Crowdfunding!

Make flexible working the norm and own a piece of Juggle

Since our launch in 2017 Juggle has achieved a huge amount and we feel now is the time to crowdfund to accelerate our growth. We are inviting you to join our thriving business as a shareholder at this exciting stage and allow you to get the maximum growth for your investment.

Juggle for Professionals

Get matched with the businesses which are looking for someone just like you.


Experienced, empathetic humans asking about your needs

Smart Matching

Well matched jobs based on the terms you need

Recruitment Tools

Scheduling, feedback reminders to help you keep track of your jobs

Easy Paperwork

Offers, references, contracts, vetting - sorted


Be guided through the interview Process by Talent Specialists


Dedicated Flex Liaison Officer to Ensure you're happy and well

Forget hiring hassles.
Do it all on Juggle.

From finding candidates and scheduling interviews, to online contracts and paying your new team member: we’ve got you covered.


  • Automated job specs
  • Smart matching
  • Interview scheduling
  • Respectful rejection
  • Invite colleagues
  • Talent Specialists (to help)


  • Offer negotiation
  • Identify verification/vetting
  • Reference checking
  • Contract signing
  • Payment setup
  • First day preparation


  • Timesheets
  • Productivity support
  • Seamless payment
  • Happiness tracking
  • Qualified Coach (to support)

There are 2.7m self-employed professionals in the UK. These are C-level executives, managers and directors with years of experience in the industry. They enjoy the flexibility of schedule and remote work. But finding part-time, flexible jobs are often a lower priority for recruiters and requests for remote work are often sidelined.

On the other hand, companies spend upwards of $12,000 per hire on recruiters, this does not include the hours spent in the process and the risk of the candidate not working out for the role. In fact, >30% of hires do not make it past the probation period.

Powered by AI, Juggle jobs is an all-encompassing platform that connects companies with the right hire, manage the contract and payments.

It is completely free for companies to post jobs; professionals will get a recommendation to the right opportunities based on their profiles. We aim to present to companies 10 pre-qualified candidates with a target of hiring within 2 weeks. Once a contract is agreed, both companies and candidates can manage the timesheet and payment through the platform.

For every successful hire, we charge the company a monthly fee as a % of the payment. There is also a one-off payment option for companies wishing to turn the contract into permanent employment.

This funding round will allow us to make additional hires in certain key positions, expand the product features and apply for FCA license to handle payments at a larger scale.

What does it mean to invest in a crowdfunding round?

Earn up to 30% tax relief
Juggle crowdfunding round qualifies for the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). This allows investors to invest up to £1,000,000 in any tax year and receive 30% tax relief on their investment.
Who can invest?
You must be over 18 and a resident of the UK or a country where you can legally receive financial promotions. This doesn't include the US, Canada, Japan plus a few others.. When creating your Crowdcube account, you’ll also be asked to choose an investor type (such as everyday, professional, etc) and complete a quick questionnaire. This is to ensure you understand the high risk nature of investing in startups.
Make a return on investment
Investing in startups is high-risk and making a return on your investment is never guaranteed. One option is by selling your share for more than you paid for it. There is no active market for private shares currently. Hopefully, Juggle will eventually be bought by a larger company (an "exit"). At that point, you are more likely to be able to sell your shares for a profit.
How do I make an investment?
Simply, register as a Crowdcube member and click "Invest Now" on the pitch page when it's live. You can invest as little as £10 using a debit or credit card. Once the campaign closes, the money will be released from the holding account. If we fail to hit 100%, all of the money will be returned. If we continue with your investment, you'll become a real shareholder of Juggle and receive your rewards.
Who gets private access
Exclusive Access will be shared with those who pre register. We will open the investment round to the general public shortly after, so keep an eye out for updates!
What is the risk warning
Investing in startups involves risks, including loss of capital, illiquidity, lack of dividends and dilution, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Crowdcube is targeted solely at investors who are sufficiently sophisticated to understand these risks and make their own investment decisions. This email has been approved as a financial promotion by Crowdcube which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
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