Smart recruitment for high-performance companies

Hire talent outside your budget on part-time basis.

Pay monthly and only when you hire.

Smart Matching
Recruitment Tools
Easy Paperwork

Smarter Recruitment

Helping companies to find, manage and retain outstanding people

Flex First

A marketplace of professional superstars who are adaptable and well suited to flexibility

Accurate Matching

Accurate matching capability which prioritises gender diversity

Recruitment Tools

A recruitment process designed to save you time and money

Jenny is a phenomenal addition to our business. She’s taken the people function to the next level.

Stuart Sunderland
Stuart Sunderland
Founder & CEO, CityPantry

With this company and role I’ve found both the flexibility I needed and also the challenge I was craving.

Jenny Crawford
Jenny Crawford
Chief People Officer, CityPantry
Juggle For Businesses

Signup, find, interview, then employ the best person for your role.


Create job descriptions designed with gender diversity in mind

Smart Matching

AI driven matching provides a list of candidates instantly, all pre-curated

Recruitment Tools

Scheduling, feedback, reminders to help you run a great process

Easy Paperwork

Offers, references, contracts, vetting - sorted


Review key performance metrics to analyse job performance

Pay your staff

Payment handled on behalf of you, by us, quickly and easily

Pricing FAQ

From start to completion and beyond we’ve got you covered

How does your pricing work?
Everything is free to use until a Juggler is placed with you.
How do you take payment?

Once an agreement is finalised between you and a Juggler, we'll set you up on a direct debit covering both their payment and our costs.

This is automated and invoices are sent to you monthly so you don't have to worry about anything.

What happens if someone stops working for us?
The day they stop, you stop paying and we'll pro-rata the payment accordingly
How much are your costs?
15% which is added to the Juggler's payment so you pay once only, automatically, on a monthly basis
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Juggle for businesses

Learn more about Juggle for businesses, here’s some frequently asked questions


How do we get started?

Sign up and we will guide you through the job posting process OR speak to our team by booking a call here.

How do you prioritise gender diversity at Juggle?

We have deliberately designed the process from candidate acquisition through to placement support, to advance and support more female professionals. We also have internal placement gender targets and our mission is to solve the gender gap in business leadership.

How long does it take to see my matches?

Once we have onboarded you and your job is created, you will see matches straight away. If you would like us to act as the first “interviewer” and / or your role is very specific in its demands, speak to us and we’ll give you a tailored timeline

How do you find and onboard candidates to Juggle?

Since launching the platform in 2017 we have attracted just over 30,000 professionals from a variety of different sources. Each candidate is called and vetted by an experienced Talent Specialist so you can have confidence in the quality of professional you are seeing.

When do we pay?

Once the offer you have made to your preferred candidate has been accepted
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