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Working out your ‘Postbox Pitch’

Unsure of what your strengths are and how to pitch yourself? Here's an easy workaround.
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Unsure of what your strengths are and how to pitch yourself? Here we have some excellent advice to help you work out your ‘Postbox Pitch’

As we have said before, it’s the agile amongst us that are going to thrive in these circumstances. When times are hard, we all need to play to our strengths and find ways in which our unique skills can be useful to others. 

At Juggle I am the Talent Manager, but I also run a coaching and wellbeing business alongside my work here. We decided to make ourselves useful here at Juggle by extending free coaching to the professionals and businesses on our platform during these tricky times. One thing that has stood out to us, is that people are not able to sell themselves or their strengths/skills properly.  It seems there is a distinct lack of clarity how an individual can add value to another business. 

If you find yourself out of working amidst the Covid 19 pandemic, it’s time to work out your Postbox Pitch. What is it that makes you a unique and indispensable asset to a business? Where can you add value to organisations in the current climate?

The Problem

Professionals not understanding or being able to clearly and concisely communicate their value add. 


Imagine yourself as a business, your own personal brand. This is the best starting point to be able to work out what your offer is. 

Collate Strengths 

How do you combine your hard and soft skills to provide the winning ticket?

Hard Skills –  What did you do before? Do you have technical skills, are you a designer by trade? CIMA or ACCA qualified Accountant?

Soft Skills – These are going to be really important in order to sell yourself. If, like me, your career is built on soft skills and relationship building, what is your USP? Natural negotiator? Problem solver, empathetic (particularly important in the current climate)

Prepare your pitch

Now begins the task of  working out your 20 minute sales pitch. This exercise will help to streamline ideas, prevent waffling and make sure you are clearly able to articulate what you can offer. You need to get across what it is you do, what makes you unique and what you can offer. Keeping to the 20 second rule will help you get to the point, be direct and list essential information. 

Once you have developed your PostBox pitch, you will be in a much stronger position to approach companies with your offer. 

Research, Research, Research

Take your time to identify companies and sectors thriving during this pandemic. Think delivery services, think remote working solutions, think social media… these businesses are scaling up and need extra expertise as they monopolise the market. Then make a list of the following: 

  • What is their company goal?
  • Why might they be struggling at this time?
  • What areas could you improve/support their business?

Tailor your pitch 

When you have a list of companies to target, it’s time to relate your pitch to their needs. Re-create your 20 second postbox pitch specifically aligned with your target company’s goals.


Work out the best way to make contact with your target company. Is this through LinkedIn, do you have shared connections, can you get a referral? Maybe you have an email address you can contact directly? 

Remember to always start with showing that you have done your research about the specific company. 

Follow up!

Always follow up with the companies you have targeted. Leave it a couple of days as a rule, then follow up with two or three staggered emails. Busy leaders usually won’t respond to the first message, so it’s important to keep yourself on their radar. 


Don’t be disheartened if you don’t receive an immediate job offer – remember, this is a longer game, a networking opportunity and a chance to make strong connections. Entrepreneurial spirit is at the heart of our ability to cope with our changing circumstances and will be essential in order to secure work opportunities in the new climate. 

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