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Why we are crowdfunding on Crowdcube

The global recruitment industry today is worth almost half a trillion dollars.
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The global recruitment industry today is worth almost half a trillion dollars. An astonishing sum. Yet only a fraction of this is estimated to be online, with most of the revenue being generated through traditional channels such as recruitment agencies and onsite talent sourcing consulting.In today’s market these channels are quickly feeling outdated. Their business models are shaped around scaling people’s capabilities to place candidates, rather than using technology. They also don’t cater towards the flexible working characteristics of part time and remote working, which is shaping today’s working environment. Juggle is disrupting this $500bn market by taking a flexible first approach to professional hiring, and using technology to do so.

Business Model

Juggle is a B2B2C platform, a two-sided marketplace with companies looking to hire flexibly on one end, and professionals looking to work flexibly on the other. As is common in marketplaces, one side (companies) has been harder to get off the ground than the other (professionals). The professionals got the Juggle proposition right away. They’ve been fed up with the traditional channels and methods of working for a while, but haven’t found an easy way to break away from it, so their support has been fantastically positive from the start. For companies, however, it’s been harder to communicate the benefits of hiring a flexible worker. Even very modern companies have been shaped by the working patterns of the past, namely 9-5 (or beyond in many cases), Monday-Friday. It’s simpler to manage in this way and moving away from it adds complexity. Yet all of them are craving high quality, self-managing people, experienced people in their business, which is also inexpensive. Flexibility is the obvious solution to this desire. 


As a consequence of the lethargy on the company side, we have spent a disproportionate amount of product time on the B2B side, and at times it’s felt like running upwards on a downward moving escalator. We’ve sometimes considered building a pure consumer proposition but always discarded it because we don’t think it meaningfully solves the problem. Having a supportive community and tools are essential to building a flexible career, but you need a flexible job first. In 2020 this changed. Companies started contacting us about hiring flexible workers. They were interested in reading our Whitepapers on the subject. In short, the pandemic opened an opportunity for us, by demonstrating that flexible working isn’t the enemy, it’s the future. 

Why Crowdfunding

I was inspired to crowdfund by the Founders of Freetrade, Clim8 and Plum (all of whom have spent their valuable time helping me – the startup community continues to be such a fantastic source of knowledge and encouragement). They are disrupting their respective industries and building new, better services for their customers. So who better to invest than their customers? As a consequence, they’ve built unbelievable communities and they can now shape their roadmap around those individuals. Our professional community at Juggle is beyond 15,000 (we’ve actually attracted over 45,000 but only onboarded 15,000 who sit in our verticals and fit our criteria). Our future roadmap is all about helping them to thrive in their flexible working career, so what better way to engage with them then to invite them to have an equity stake now, at a pivotal moment of growth?

Why Crowdcube

Crowdcube is the most successful and dominant crowdfunding platform in the UK and they have successfully funded some of the UK’s most exciting startups: Monzo and Chip to name a couple more beyond the superb list above. We were recommended by multiple Founders to work with them and it’s easy to see why. The team is highly competent, extremely humble, and easy to work with, even in the gnarly phases, which is part of the fun investment rollercoaster.

The investment opportunity is open for pre-registration which can be accessed here. Come and help us to build the future of work. Come and help us to build the future of work.

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