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What is a Flexpert?

Flexible working doesn’t mean less productive employees - in fact research suggests it's entirely the opposite.
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What is a ‘flexpert’?

One of the key learnings for business over the past year is that flexible working doesn’t mean less productive employees – in fact research suggests it’s entirely the opposite.

Treating employees like adults and allowing them to define the hours that make sense for them has resulted in up to 40% greater productivity, and an increase in employee engagement and retention.

Juggle Jobs is built for professionals who literally do juggle, and this can refer to juggling multiple responsibilities across work and home life or juggling multiple jobs. 

Juggling more than one job empowers professionals to build a bank of expertise into their already established career portfolios – making them what we call ‘Flexperts’.

A new type of worker

As a skills marketplace specialising in placing experienced flexible professionals, we have discovered that flexperts are in high demand in the workforce.The attributes and characteristics that defines a flexpert is someone who:

  1. Is an expert in their field but continues to learn and develop, so that they can be the best version of themselves
  2. Embraces autonomy and is capable to work alone and as apart of a team
  3. Understands how to augment their skillset and therefore provide the best possible value to companies
  4. Is a mature communicator and understands how to get the best out of themselves and others
  5. Is self-aware and understands their strengths and limitations
  6. Has built a thriving network by consciously setting aside time to build relationships 

Flexperts generally work on a self-employed basis and “juggle”, whether that be additional paid employment, personal time, or family commitments. They have proven track records, a breadth of experience and can work on their terms, delivering maximum value for their employers.

No wonder they’re in such high demand!

When do businesses need flexperts? 

Fast-growing startups and scale-ups tend to really benefit from flexperts in our experience – it’s about getting the best value (and experience) for your budget:

  1. When your team needs to scale cost-effectively and doesn’t necessarily need full-time commitments from certain roles. E.g. a Finance Director 2 days a week would be ideal to help you get ready for a raise
  2. If you need someone who can hit the ground running fast and work autonomously
  3. If you want to access a more diverse candidate pool – 87% of the UK want to work more flexibly

Our flexperts and the companies they work for

London based startup Add To Event recently hired a Flexpert, ex Head of Finance for Entrepreneur First and Unruly through Juggle as their Head of Finance. 

I am a mum but I’m also someone who is passionate about my work. Why do the two need to be separate? I’ve gained so many skills from some great companies and felt confident that working part-time was the right step for me and I can deliver great value to companies, with less time (and more time for my family)”.

– Claire, Head of Finance, Add to Event

Flexpertise and freedom

People feel freedom and find their careers most rewarding when they master flexibility and become a flexpert. This means professionals have the freedom to live and work in the manner in which they choose to and define their own hours.

Their future is within their control and they are free to be the best version of themselves. In turn, companies feel the same level of freedom when they engage with a flexpert. They no longer need to obsess about motivational and management techniques; they simply need to set clear outcomes and expectations, establish the right communication channels and treat everyone like adults.

Sign up to Juggle for free today to get access to an experienced pool of flexperts within 24 hours.

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