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The Five Week Resilience Challenge

The world is going through a difficult time and it is impacting each of us.
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The world is going through a difficult time and it is impacting each of us in different ways. We don’t know what your personal experience has been, but we do know one thing, now is a great time to flex that resilience muscle. 
What is resilience? Well, it has two meanings.

  1. the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.
  2. the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.

But recovering or springing back into shape is something that requires practice, guidance, and support. In my own experience as a business owner and working alongside other companies and people looking for work, resilience is something that you need to work at. Like a muscle, it gets stronger the more you train it. 

We want to invite you to join the Five Week Resilience Challenge!

Each week we’ll be focusing on a different theme that can help you push forward with new goals, get creative and confident, and learn from others who have overcome difficult challenges. 
We’ll speak with business leaders and life coaches to explore practical ways to build resilience and develop the right mindset to really thrive in the modern world of work.
Juggle wants to help where we can, and we know a lot about being resilient. Here we want to provide you with lessons and insight from our community, and some tools to help you snap back and move forward in this time. 
Over the next week, we’ll explore what it means to be resilient and hear from some incredible people who have come back even stronger when things have been tough. 
You’ll also be able to join weekly webinars to hear from leaders first hand and ask your own questions. To join the challenge you can follow and use #ResilienceChallenge across Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, and sign up to our weekly newsletter with advice across each of our weekly themes, upcoming events, and tasks to help you. 
Week One: Resilience
Week Two: Goals
Week Three: Habits
Week Four: Changing Direction
Week Five: Confidence

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Week One: Resilience

Resilience vs. Perseverance

Quite often when we talk about resilience we are mistaking it for perseverance. 
Perseverance remains a key ingredient in the esteemed trait of “grit” – passion + perseverance = grit, but it is not the same as resilience which has been widely recognised as a crucial characteristic for happiness and success. 

  • Perseverance: (noun) persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.
  • Resilience: (noun) the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness

Using a sporting analogy here, perseverance is the athlete who is single-mindedly getting through a marathon. Resilience is how well another athlete recovers from a deep, recurring sporting injury. They both require a focused mindset but the latter is more elastic and centres on how adaptable we are in situations. Developing a resilient character is not just a nice to have, it has been proven to be essential for our survival. Numerous studies at all ages and circumstances have demonstrated that those with resilience go on to be happier, healthier and more successful. 


Although we may use the phrase “it’s a marathon, not a sprint”, in business we are not running a marathon. We are on a longer, more complicated journey, requiring rest and at times, the need to retreat. 
Covid-19 has been a shocking event for professionals all over the world. Even seemingly “safe” industries such as dentistry and ophthalmology have been deeply affected and collectively we are saddened and frustrated by the rapid changes in our lives. Of course, many of us are preferring lockdown life to the frantic business of before. But as things begin to tentatively reopen, we all need to find a way to adapt and bounce back.

So how do you bounce back?

Going through difficult situations is a natural part of life, but in this time we are all being impacted at a much greater level and being reminded of the problems in the world and personal difficulties more and more. 
Before you bounce back, you need to accept that what was there before, may not be now. In order to move forward and adapt, we have to accept that life as we knew it has changed. 
But with that change and through difficulty, there is an opportunity. If we look back to the financial crisis of 2007, it’s often cited as a key moment for driving a lot of entrepreneurs forward with their ideas and igniting passion and drive across multiple industries. Hustle went big. 
Technology allows us to connect with and open up more opportunities than ever before, but one big downside to this tech – and specifically social media – is our access to information. The media, in particular, can be one big dark cloud that makes it harder to put a spring in your step and get going. 

Take a Social Media Cleanse

Ahh, the digital detox – a chance to step away from technology for a few days and breathe. Sounds wonderful in principle, but in reality, we need tech to be connected to people right now. But that connection doesn’t have to be negative! 
This week we want you to do a social media cleanse. One way to be positive and creative, and flex that resilience muscle, is to remove the ‘toxic’ accounts you might follow.
What do we mean by toxic? If you’re following something that’s making you feel bad, now is the time to unfollow or mute it.
You need to replace it with positive influences. 
We can emulate and be inspired by the five people we spend the most time with. Right now, those people are more accessible digitally than physically – so they can be whoever you like! 
Your task for this week of the challenge is to remove five accounts that give you the blues, and replace them with five positive influences – they could be thought leaders, influencers, a friend you didn’t follow before, or a positive news outlet, heck, it could be puppies! – just follow five accounts that will make you feel good. 
Do this on the social media channel you use the most, or all of them! Just surround yourself with the spark you need to feel great and get rid of the negative accounts. 

We want to help you thrive and inspire others! We’d love to see what you change, so remember to use #resiliencechallenge and share a new positive account you’re following. 
Stay tuned for more this week! And get involved with our first event next week – all about GOALS! More here. 
Sign up for the Resilience Challenge newsletter, here. 

PLUS: Join us for our first event next week, when we’ll focus on goals!

We are going to discuss GOALS with professional Life Coach Emma Jackson, and Adam Goodyer, Founder and CEO of LiveStyled. 
Goals give us something to work towards. But in this period, which has changed dramatically due to Covid-19, your original goals may no longer be possible. You may have none at all and need some tips for establishing goals and giving yourself direction.
We’ll discuss how to set your goals, how to stick to them and how to adapt them, and everything in between.
Register here to join us on Wednesday, June 17th at 6 pm BST.

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