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Friday Round-up 7/9/2018: guides, guides, guides

We'll be slowing down the schedule a little bit in the run-up to Christmas.
We'll be slowing down the schedule a little bit in the run-up to Christmas.

Wow, September all ready. Happy Friday from everyone at Juggle. This week we’ve been sharing some of our guides and hiring materials, so let’s get right into it.


On the Juggle blog this week: guides

On Tuesday we shared our job spec/advert guide. We’ll probably share some of the specific specs we’ve got for various positions we commonly fill, but for now, here’s the do-it-yourself version. It’s got an overall guide to creating an advert, a skeleton version you can fill out yourself and a slightly different layout that we actually use for filling internal positions at Juggle. Read it on the blog here (or you can download it as a PDF OR get the skeleton version as a Word doc).

Then on Thursday: the more senior the role, the greater the consequences of a mis-hire. Hire in haste, repent at leisure and all that. OR nail it on the first try with out guide to interviewing for senior roles. Again, you can read it online (it’s big, so maybe bookmark it) or download it as a PDF.


Wednesday poll:

On the subject of job adverts… What are the key things you look at a job advert when applying for a new role? Share what you’re keeping a sharp eye out for here.


Friday Pub Chat:

Last week we asked: what’s the most upsetting/hurtful thing someone’s said to you at work without meaning to? It led to some fairly sad chat, but one thing that stuck out was that in a lot of cases it was really difficult to judge intent. Taking credit for work or passing someone over for positive feedback came out a lot (so it’s more what people didn’t say) but part of what made things so hurtful was the difficulty knowing whether it was deliberate or not. “Deliberate malice is somehow easier and less hurtful,” the partner of one Juggler said. “Then I now that I don’t have to care about their opinion any more.”

This week’s chat topic: what’s one thing you’ve seen (or keep seeing) on a job advert that instantly turns you off, either from a role or the company that’s hiring for it? Here’s our most recent… favourite? Maybe the wrong word, ’cause this is awful.

The Future is Flexible.

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