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Friday Round-up 31/8/18: Wellbeing Week 2

We'll be slowing down the schedule a little bit in the run-up to Christmas.
We'll be slowing down the schedule a little bit in the run-up to Christmas.

Happy Friday from everyone at Juggle. This week, as last week, we’ve been focusing on wellbeing at work across all our content channels. Normal broadcasts resume next week.


On the Juggle blog this week: Wellbeing Week 2

On Tuesday we asked: do you speak bro? If language is a key part of articulating and moderating your wellbeing, what do you do if the language of your workplace is actively damaging?

Then on Thursday: financial wellbeing. Everyone is worried about it. Nobody’s talking about it? Could businesses be doing more? Absolutely, and we think they should. 


Friday Pub Chat:

Last week we asked: if your team NEVER went back to the pub, what would you choose to do instead? The Juggle office was split down the middle between people who think hot yoga is a good thing to do and those that thought it sounds like the absolute worst. Well, maybe not split down the middle. But the people who were enthusiastic about it were really enthusiastic about it.

One thing that came out from the general replies – there seems to be a natural inclination to replace drinking with competition when the pub isn’t an option, and not everyone cares for that. So go for something you can enjoy, even if you’re rubbish at it.

For this week, we’re looping back to language. What’s the most upsetting/hurtful thing someone’s said to you at work without meaning to? So much of negative language is intrinsic and systemic, it doesn’t have malice behind it, but that doesn’t make it any less damaging. This might be a sad one, but articulating these issues is the way forward. We’re interested to hear what you come up with.

Have a great weekend, from everyone at Juggle.

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