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Friday Round-up 24/8/18: Wellbeing Week 1

We'll be slowing down the schedule a little bit in the run-up to Christmas.
We'll be slowing down the schedule a little bit in the run-up to Christmas.

Happy Friday from everyone at Juggle. This week we’ve been focusing on wellbeing at work across all our content channels. We’ll be doubling down next week before returning to normal broadcasts the week after.


On the Juggle blog this week: Wellbeing Week 1

On Tuesday we asked a question that might have cross many British professionals’ minds at some point: what’s up with all the social drinking in workplace culture?

Then on Thursday we got specific on exactly why the flexible/part-time self-managed working lifestyle is so much better for your health.

We asked about work soclialising more generally in our Wednesday Poll: do you ever feel under pressure to attend work social events, and if so, why? Take part in the poll here.


Friday Pub Quiz:

Last week we asked: what mad-scientist changes would you make to your role to make it more efficient/productive/fun? The most interesting idea came from a couple of people suggesting being able to “swap” similar roles with each other to keep energy levels high and focus on what’s really important (“if the person you swap with never bothers to do something you thought was important and still gets by fine then maybe it wasn’t that important to begin with). Regular “embedded” swaps for a short period each year could broaden experience and confidence and also give everyone a better understanding of each other’s roles: getting closer to the big picture by filling in all the small ones.

For this week’s Pub Quiz (and yes, the irony is not lost on us, go read the booze culture article, we’re not dunking on drinking, just a culture that enforces it) we’re asking: if your team NEVER went back to the pub, what would you choose to do instead? We’ll be focusing on activities that promote wellbeing in the Juggle office, but you can choose whatever you want. Video game night, bouldering night, bowling night, crocheting night. You have the floor.

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend, from everyone at Juggle.

The Future is Flexible.

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