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Our new partnership with the Accountancy Cloud

Our new partnership will help even more highly experienced CFOs find flex roles at exciting businesses.
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At Juggle, we help dozens of businesses and individuals meet their flexible working needs every day. One function that is always in high demand is the Chief Financial Officer. There’s little wonder why — as we’ve explored several times, a CFO can give founders the freedom to do what they do best: lead. Therefore, it gives us immense pleasure to announce a new partnership with the Accountancy Cloud that will help us place even more talented, experienced CFOs with the businesses that need them most.

The partnership

From February, customers at the Accountancy Cloud will be able to find candidates on a dedicated CFO marketplace on their platform. This service will be powered by the Juggle ecosystem, allowing our bank of specialist senior financial experts to be available to fill even more roles at exciting businesses.

Sign up as a customer with Accountancy Cloud here and get 10% off when you tell the team you’re from Juggle. Similarly, if you post your job with us here, we’ll add the promotion automatically at the end of the hiring process!

The best people for the right businesses

We know that the CFOs we have placed with the Accountancy Cloud’s way are the best of the best — highly skilled financial experts with premium experience — because we review each candidate closely. From the other end, the Accountancy Cloud has a roster of clients in exciting spaces, from legaltech to computer vision, such as Olio, Beam, and Buffer. All positions are rubber-stamped by Juggle, so it’s always a match made in heaven. 

Do you need a CFO?

For almost all businesses, hiring a CFO can be a shrewd move. For those in the early stages of growth, they bring the funding and financial planning expertise that can help attract investors. 

Or if you’re going through a high growth phase, they can help steady the ship with seasoned strategy and insight that you might not get with a junior accountant. And founders in mature businesses will also greatly benefit from a CFO taking over time-consuming financial processes. As we always say at Juggle: the only reason to not hire a CFO is if you love due diligence. 

For a more thorough breakdown of this topic, take a look at our blog on the signs you might need to find a CFO.

What’s the process?

If you’re looking a CFO, get in contact with the team at Accountancy Cloud — they’re incredibly efficient and will be tuned-in to your needs. They’ll start by getting you booked in for a call — the first step on your journey to finding an ideal match. 

Once they’ve identified the right Juggle hire for you, they’ll help you negotiate and take care of the time-consuming aspects, like contracts and identification. After that, managing your new recruit is straightforward — the Accountancy Cloud hosts timesheets, productivity reports, and the like (much like Juggle does!). 

Why Accountancy Cloud?

Accountancy Cloud has been in the business of tackling the problem of bookkeeping since 2014, combining state-of-the-art software with human knowhow to save entrepreneurs time and money. Each year they help hundreds of companies with everything, giving hours a week back to decision-makers to do what they do best. Partnering up with them was a no-brainer. 

Watch on Instagram live!

On the 28th of January 2021, at 11 am, Romanie Thomas, CEO and Founder of Juggle, and Wesley Rashid, CEO and Founder of Accountancy Cloud, will be linking up on Instagram to discuss our new partnership. They’ll cover all the details you need to know about this new service — simply go to our account or Accountancy Cloud’s Instagram to find out more. See you there!

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