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Modern Leaders Podcast with Lindsay Jernigan – Recognising when your company mission no longer works

Lindsay Jernigan speaks with us about how founders can take bold, purposeful steps forward.
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Lindsay Jernigan speaks with us about recognising when your company mission is no longer good and how to take brave, purposeful steps forward.

What is the hardest part about being a founder?

Hard is such a subjective word, so I think for me, I would say it’s managing myself in my own internal dialogue. My biggest challenge is just making sure that I am committing one hundred per cent and not talking myself back from things or out of things.

What do you think the best part is for you?

I really love people, management and operations – theories and practices. I love figuring out meeting styles that work like communication rhythms, different types of ways to structure one-on-ones and all that kind of stuff. 

If you weren’t doing what you are doing right now, what would you do today?

I think I would be some kind of yogi. So in Shanghai, to earn extra money while I was starting my business, I was a bar instructor. You see people getting stronger and healthier and it was so fun. I made some of my best friends that way. I do fantasise often when I’m sitting at my desk for the 12th hour of the day, if I could just be moving all day and helping people move their bodies, I think that would be a really fun option. Or an actress.

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