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Modern Leaders Podcast with Ifty Nasir – Flexible working and scaling quickly

Ifty Nasir, Founder and CEO of Vested.com, speaks about the competitive advantages of flex work.
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We speak to Ifty Nasir, the Founder and CEO of Vested.com, a company which was taking advantage of flexible working long before the pandemic began.

What would you say the competitive advantages are of flexible working?

The simplest one is having flexibility around time. Although we have core hours, there’s activity that people can do around that. As an organization, it’s not just on the day between nine and five. People can contribute to the game after that and before that.

The other thing is our ability to scale. When we started, we were recruiting folk within London and they had to get to Moorgate. It couldn’t take them more than an hour or so, or it would have been too difficult. Now we have a team of 14 spread around the southeast of England, as well as one in Poland and one in Costa Rica. And we are still working in pretty much the same way – other than the Costa Rican who is six hours behind of our timeline.

Do you think we’ll see a fundamental shift towards remote working now, or do you think the vast majority of businesses will go back to more of an office-based environment?

Going forward, our collective ability to work remotely will increase massively, alongside the power of people having flexibility. You know now, the people I talk to – the added time they can spend with family is phenomenal. That transit to and from work every day, that’s a lot of time. That time alone, if you can give that back to the ones that you care for, it’s an incredible amount of love that you get as a consequence.

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