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Modern Leaders Podcast with Dylan Bourguignon – How COVID is changing all businesses, even in the insurance sector

Dylan Bourguignon is the CEO and founder of so-sure, an insurance company that guarantees a fairer and easier insurance claiming experience. Here, Dylan tells us how he and his team have thrived in the company’s new working from home set-up.

What measures have you taken personally, to keep your workspace and non-workspace separate?

I am working in our guest bedroom, which I’ve set up as a little office. It’s quite hard as my family are at home and my daughter is very young and doesn’t understand why I’m not spending time with her when we are in the same house! But I don’t think you can build a business without being incredibly focused, so I’m locked in here and go and see them a couple of times a day. I have these office hours and adapt my personal life to them, which I’ve seen across the team. As in, we’ve got a lot of work to do so we just get it done, but you know we don’t necessarily do it between 9 and 6 or 7 o’clock at night. The team has adapted their life around work in a new way, which is a lot more productive.

How do you work remotely and still quickly?

So we’ve got quite minimal structures in place to ensure people are focusing on work. But complete remote working does require more communication, so I probably spend an extra hour a day, as a leader, communicating with people – which you wouldn’t necessarily need to be doing if you were working in an office. 

What’s changed your mindset in terms of the importance of office culture?

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re talking about building relationships, that will never be the same as something you do over a video call. So the challenges are around working with organisations and creating new relationships because you can’t have those face-to-face meetings, or that coffee or lunch. But in the longer term, I think there’s even been a mind shift in industries with the most ties into that kind of traditional way of doing things. They are opening their eyes and saying, “wow, we could be saving money, we could be having a better quality of life, and it could potentially be more productive”. So in my mind, it’s a wonderful opportunity that working from home has been forced on people.