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Modern Leaders Podcast – Russ Lidstone on the human touch in WFH

Russ Lidstone from The Creative Engagement Group runs us through his 3 key steps to creating a thriving culture
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Russ Lidstone from The Creative Engagement Group talks about pros and cons of remote working and how his 400 people strong company naturally managed to move to full remote work.

Russ’ 3 steps to ensure keeping a thriving culture

1. Ensure you are communicating from the leadership team

Make sure you give ample time for updates and make sure everyone in the company is aware of and on board with what is happening. Whether this comes from leadership or department heads, communication is key.

2. Be as transparent as you can be

You’re not all together in one space so visibility is harder. Constant communication and a weekly round-up is key to making sure everyone in the company is always up to date.

3. Remind everyone of all the work that’s happening

Use your cross-functionality. Highlight challenges, celebrate successes and crowdsource great ideas from the whole team.

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