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Modern Leaders Podcast – Rachel from Koru Kids on the future of remote working

Rachel Carrell talks about how her team transitioned to remote working.
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Rachel Carrell from Koru Kids talks about how her team transitioned to remote working during lockdown, the remote working plans for her company moving forward and how lockdown helped forge stronger relationships in the team. 

How do you manage to still move super quickly in a remote working environment?

I don’t feel like it’s made much difference to the speed that we execute, actually. I would often go into the office and then kind of be in a phone booth and try and like concentrate on things – come out for a meeting, go back in. It’s just that now, I’m going into a Zoom, you know, going into a different Zoom. It honestly doesn’t actually feel that different.

What do you see as the biggest advantages of flexible working?

I think the single biggest advantage is that you can recruit better people because there are just are so many wonderful people out there who want to work flexibly. And it’s actually a bit of a kind of competitive advantage because there are lots of dinosaur companies out there that won’t recruit those. If you’re willing to, you just get great people and that’s really cool.

On the other hand, why do you think companies are resistant to remote working?

I think business is very hard. I mean, there’s a lot going on in any business and I think people just want fixed points. And, you know, most people don’t want to change things unless something is broken and I can understand that. 

You know, there are things we refer to as fires you need to let burn, you know. Nothing is perfect. There are always fires you need to let burn. This has been a fire to let burn.

Like ‘we’re not going to pivot our whole company to being remote unless we’ve got to’. But people have been forced to. I think some people will revert back to it just because they’ll have all this stuff going on. They’ll have a legacy, big office spaces, you know. But I think I think this is going to be a huge change for a lot of businesses. I think this is absolutely the start of something very exciting.

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