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Multi-user accounts are LIVE on Juggle

We’ve rolled out a MAJOR improvement to the way businesses can use Juggle. Multi-user accounts are now live. From now on, multiple people in your business can contribute to the hiring process.


It’s all very straightforward; log in and try it now or read about the latest feature:

You’ll find this box in the top right of your screen.


  • Collaborate with colleagues – invite anyone in your business to create a Juggle account and begin working with you to fill roles.






  • Immediately see who’s in charge of hiring and who’s contributing – each individual job now shows the job owner and any collaborators, so you or anyone else in your business can immediately see who the decision maker is:
Click the “Owner” icon if you need to transfer ownership of a job. Click the addition sign to add extra colleagues to help out.


  • Invitees can create and manage their own jobs – their Juggle account has the same features as yours.

If you’re the job owner… you have the final say over each part of the process. You’re in charge of passing on candidates, scheduling interviews and moving successful candidates onto the next stage.

If you’re invited to help with a job… you can comment on job specs, shortlist candidates and interviews (but the decisions still rest with the owner). You’ll also receive notifications to keep you updated.


  • Click the “Owner” tag to switch ownership of a job between colleagues – don’t let circumstances derail your hiring! Switch the job owner and make sure someone is driving the process.



We’d love your feedback

Multi-user is a huge change to the way the Juggle platform operates – big shout out to the tech team for implementing it all with a smile – so we’re VERY keen to know what you think. Click the chat icon on-platform any time you’ve got feedback (or leave a comment down below) and we’ll do our best to implement your suggestions and improvements to this brand new feature.

Huge thanks, and we hope multi-user accounts improve your hiring.

The Juggle Product Team

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