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Juggle case study: Makers

Makers is a software development company that focuses on creating a new generation of tech talent.
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Makers is a company focused on creating a new generation of tech talent who are skilled and ready for the changing world of work. As a leading software development company with rapid growth the former CEO (from 2014 to 2020), Evgeny Shadchnev needed to hire the right talent, fast. Evgeny’s biggest hiring frustration is very familiar to Juggle – time:

“However you prepare for it, hiring does take A LOT of time. This is because it matters so much and it’s so important to get it right – especially in the first year of a company.”

Management at startups and scale-ups with ambitious growth targets are at a critical phase – they need exceptional talent and they know it’s out there, but don’t have enough time or resources to filter through hundreds of applications and spend hours interviewing. This has intensified during the pandemic. Whilst it’s positive that employers can now access a more diverse talent pool it also means a much higher volume of applications to sift through. 


Juggle helped Evgeny build and establish the right job spec after a quick introductory call with our Head of Talent Management, Julia. This meant he managed to avoid spending hours sifting through applications or dealing with recruiters and he was able to schedule interviews directly through our platform.

The fact that all Juggle candidates are pre-vetted and our use of AI smart matching meant we could send a list of candidates who we thought would be a great fit for Makers within 24 hours. This was a case of perfect timing because our founder, Romanie had already identified an exceptional candidate, Madalena Hoye who she thought had the perfect experience for Makers. 

Evgeny hired Madelena in 3 weeks as his Chief of Staff. Two years later Madalena is still at Makers – “My experience with Juggle was smooth and I was kept up to date at every stage. It was also something I didn’t expect – caring. It was clearly a good match because 2 years on I continue to thrive, now as Director of Delivery, accountable for delighting our Makers (B2C) our Hiring Partners (B2B) and our Team.” 


  • Time to hire: 3 weeks
  • Pre-qualified candidates sent to Evgeny within 24 hours
  • No upfront recruitment costs
  • Madalena has achieved a huge amount during the past two years. Including: transitioning the team to a remote setting, implementing OKRs and a performance review system and upgrading Makers’ internal operations.

Makers adopted a great flexible working policy pre-pandemic and employees have continued to thrive this year. They have invested time and energy into creating a transparent, outcomes-driven culture, “I understand flexible working as an agreement that what matters most is the output delivered – and how this output is delivered is less important to me. 

To me flexible working starts with a question of ‘what needs to be done?’ and this does not need to be restricted by a rigid 9-5.” – Evgeny

What is their advice to companies looking to create high-performing, diverse teams?

Think deeply about what matters to your company and make sure that actually resonates with a diverse talent population. For example, if the goal is to make as much money as possible for the shareholders this is going to attract a specific type of talent and typically not a very diverse group. This then needs to define your approach to hiring.

Mya Ramanan

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