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Juggle case study: Landscape

“Mike is such an experienced candidate that he achieves more in 4 days than a more junior candidate would achieve in 5” - Joe Perkins, CEO, Landscape
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Landscape helps founders better navigate the fundraising ecosystem, and their aim is to level the playing field in startup fundraising. Their community is all about supporting founders on their journey and giving them a forum to talk about all the ups, downs and everything in between.

Joe Perkins, CEO founded the business during the first lockdown [May 2020] which presented a real challenge in terms of hiring. 

Joe has always been open to flexible working and accustomed to distributed teams. However, he didn’t have much experience hiring for senior roles so wasn’t sure where to start…

Hiring was definitely one of the challenges keeping him up at night!


Joe was referred to Juggle through another founder. He was looking for a recruitment solution that was self-serve, and had some form of automated pre-screening – he had spent a lot of time CV-sifting which was far too time-consuming and he hadn’t found the right calibre of candidate so far.

Joe was looking for more experienced candidates, as well as a stamp of approval that he could equate to a referral.

He signed up to Juggle and was sent 20 pre-vetted candidates within 24 hours. He needed to move fast! Joe started interviewing candidates and hired Mike, Landscape’s Head of Investor Relations within just 2 weeks.

Despite (pre-Pandemic) there often being a misconception around flexible working meaning an employee is less committed, Joe has always built teams and relationships based on trust and an outcomes-based approach. Providing he found the right candidate he was definitely open to flexibility.

“Mike is such an experienced candidate that he achieves more in 4 days than a more junior candidate would achieve in 5”.

A few months on Mike continues to thrive and has been a solid support to Joe in navigating an unpredictable market.

The team has exciting growth plans this year and we look forward to seeing what they do next!


  • 20 experienced, pre-qualified candidates sent to Joe within 24 hours
  • Sourced, interviewed and hired within 2 weeks
  • The perfect candidate for Landscape’s next phase of growth
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