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Juggle case study: Gophr

Gophr uses cutting-edge tech to provide quick, convenient and reliable last-mile delivery solutions across the UK.
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Gophr uses cutting-edge tech to provide quick, convenient and reliable last-mile delivery solutions across London and the UK for a wide range of businesses. Their tight-knit team of tech-heads have built smart technology from the ground up. At the beginning of 2021 Seb Robert, CEO knew they needed a strong, highly experienced Finance Director and their investors wanted him to prioritise this hire following a recent Series A fundraise.

“We tried all the traditional routes and spent hours on Zoom meetings…which is always a little painful”.

Seb knew he wanted to improve Gophr’s representation of women on the leadership team and he had been scanning job ads to ensure there wasn’t too much ‘masculine language’ and going to events like Women in Tech to educate himself

He wanted an approach that would make the process less painful, and more importantly, he wanted a female finance leader.


Seb saw a post on the ICE List about Juggle – someone had recommended the platform following a successful CFO hire. After a little research he realised Juggle was committed to increasing gender diversity and 65% of their placements were women.

He signed up and was sent 10-11 solid candidates within 24 hours. His feedback was that the list provided a really good breadth of experienced candidates across all sectors and they quickly progressed with Alexandra who most closely matched their brief. 

“Nothing worth doing well should be easy, but the hiring process with Juggle was very fast and efficient. It was a really smooth experience – I found the platform easy to use, and scheduled all the interviews directly through the platform”.


  • 11 pre-vetted finance leaders sent to Seb within 24 hours
  • 4 candidates interviewed
  • Time to hire – 3 weeks
  • Hired a strong female CFO who ticked all the boxes in terms of experience, intelligence and integrity

What is their advice to companies looking to create high-performing, diverse teams?

Try and have a bit of imagination about transferable skills when you’re interviewing. In general I find most employers are too focused on hard skills and interviewing for intelligence, integrity and willingness to learn is actually far more meaningful.

Broaden your mind and spend time understanding what truly drives and excites your team.

Mya Ramanan

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