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International Women’s Day Lessons – Sophie Eden

Sophie Eden

co-Founder – Gordon & Eden

Sophie Eden is the cofounder of Gordon & Eden – a Digital & Technology Executive Search Firm focused on hiring leadership teams for start up, scale-up and corporate business. Clients include Facebook, Bulb, HSBC, GSK & Asos.

Lesson learned:

“Success has nothing to do with perfection.” – Michelle Obama

“I think as women we are subconsciously taught to strive for “perfection” whatever that might mean to each of us. In 2018 I had two kids under 2 and a 4 year old business and I really learnt to focus and prioritise and let go of this notion that success is the same thing as perfection. By reframing what success and happiness means to me I was able to be more productive and less critical on myself which has been liberating!”