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International Women’s Day Lessons – Rachel Carrell

Rachel Carrell

Founder – Koru Kids

Rachel Carrell is the founder and CEO of Koru Kids, a tech startup building the world’s best childcare service, and also the mother of two young children. She was CEO of a multinational healthcare company when she had her first baby, experienced first hand how difficult and expensive it was to arrange childcare, and decided to found Koru Kids.


Lesson learned:

“You can do more than you think, on less sleep than you think.

Our business more than tripled in size last year, while at the same time my baby stopped sleeping for about 6 months. At least that’s what it felt like. I thought I knew tired… I didn’t know tired. Now I know tired. My baby’s 14 months old now and through that terrible, interminable patch. Now he’s sleeping, we’re all sleeping, and life is much, much easier to deal with.”