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International Women’s Day Lessons – Faye Woodcock

Faye Woodcock

Product Manager – Fuse Universal

Faye is a Product Manager at Fuse Universal. Passionate about all things Product, and the power of digital technology to change lives, she is also one of the leads of the Women in Product London Chapter. WIP London organise meetups every 6-8 weeks with speakers on a range of topics relating to Product Development.


Lesson learned:

“Listen to your body.

In 2018, I made the difficult decision to step away from the company I had founded. Out of fear of being perceived as a failure, and distress at the effect leaving would have on my cofounder, I stifled the myriad of ways that my body was screaming out to me that something was wrong.

What I’ve learnt this past year is the importance of listening to your body’s signals. We tend to be so desperate for negative feelings to end – whether that be anxiety, sadness, pain, etc – that we often skip the enlightenment and transformation that can happen when you stop and listen to your emotions.

Whilst I still sometimes feel a sense of shame at being perceived as “giving up”, I am now in a job that I absolutely love, in an industry I love, and with people whom I am inspired by every day. The rapid improvement in my mental wellbeing and the harmony I feel in my body tells me that I made the right decision. And my experience of starting a company hasn’t put me off – it’s prepared me for next time.”