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International Women’s Day Lessons – Cathy White

Cathy White

Founder – CEW Communications

Cathy is the Founder and Director of CEW Communications, an agency that specialises in comms for early-stage tech startups and the wider ecosystem that supports them. In 2018 the agency was recognised as one of the UK’s top 100 small businesses by and Cathy was recognised as a leading women working in digital in The Drum’s annual 50 under 30. Outside of her work she was previously Director of GeekGirl Meetup UK, an organisation to champion female role models within STEM and give talented women a platform to share their expertise with others. As part of that, she was the podcaster behind GeekGirlMeets and regularly speaks out on diversity issues, having been featured in The Times, The Telegraph, GQ and UK Tech News, among others.


Lesson learned:

“Resilience is a workout.

2018 was a year of extreme highs and lows for me as I balanced my personal and professional life. I realised that I needed to get tougher and be able to bounce back faster. Just like with running a marathon, you have to get fit over time. My resilience is still weak, but it’s only by challenging ourselves and working at it that we can improve.”