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International Women’s Day Lessons – Bindi Karia

We're reaching out to women featured in our 2018 IWD campaign, asking them to share the lessons they've learned.
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Bindi is incredibly passionate about all things startup in Europe and connecting the dots between Investors, Founders, Corporates and Government, and as a result, has worked in and around technology startups for most of her career. As a Consultant (PwC Consulting), as a Corporate (Microsoft BizSpark /Ventures), as a Startup employee (Trayport), as an Advisor (Startup Europe, Startup Weekend Europe, Tech London Advocates), as a Connector (GQ UK, the IoD and Evening Standard have all recognised this) and until recently, as their Banker (Silicon Valley Bank).
She currently sits on the Advisory Boards of six startups and one Venture Debt fund, as well as Digital Advisory Board of Shop Direct plc (£1.9bn t/o business), the Advisory Boards of European Innovation Council, Startup Europe (EU), Tech London Advocates, Ambassador for Innovate Finance, and just finished a term as trustee for TechStars Startup Weekend Europe.

Lesson learned:

“Resilience is everything – don’t take no as the final answer, take it as the incentive to keep on going. However, also take the time to take care of yourself, because a healthy you also equates to long term success.”

My quote for last year was “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty” by Maya Angelou. Building resilience is part of this change, but you also need to acknowledge that the journey to making these changes can be really hard on you personally. With resilience and persistence, you are bound to win the customer, despite whatever walls get thrown in your way. But it can also lead to the opposite problem: working too hard, focusing only on the business with little else as a priority. It’s also ok to take time out to take care of yourself and your needs – because a healthy you coupled with resilience, leads to the butterfly that you have always known you can be.

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