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Juggle Case Study: Hiring a part-time Financial Controller to achieve scale

In early 2018, Rise Art was a business that was scaling quickly, with orders growing over 2x year on year, and the team were struggling to keep up with internal bookkeeping, processes and payments.

Who is Rise Art?

Rise Art is a curated online gallery, founded in 2011 by Scott Phillips and Marcos Steverlynck. Their mission is to make buying extraordinary art accessible for everybody.

What was their hiring challenge?

Throughout 2017 Rise Art’s order volume had been increasingly rapidly, with turnover growing 20-30% month on month. With this growth, cracks started to show with their third-party off-site bookkeeping provider…

More time was being spent recording transactions yet less time was being spent observing patterns and using these to inform business-critical decisions. They knew they had to increase their financial controls and bring this into the core capabilities of their team.

Who did they want to hire?

Rise Art wanted to bring someone in who was a fully-fledged member of the team, who they could trust with genuine autonomy. They wanted someone detail-oriented; someone who would use numbers to produce decisions; someone who would set up thorough structuring and reporting that would scale with the business. They wanted to hire an experienced finance professional with real business nous.

They recognised that a full-time Financial Director would be overkill, with most of this work being undertaken comfortably by the co-founders themselves. Instead, they settled on hiring someone on a part-time basis. They decided to hire a Financial Controller to work with the team for 2 days a week, with the opportunity to increase as and when the situation demanded it.

Why did they come to Juggle?

Looking on their own and through another recruiter, the team were not able to find someone on a flexible basis with the unique skills they needed.

Most recruiters were focused on placing candidates for full-time jobs, which was unnecessary for this position. Alternatively they specialised on entirely contract-based freelancers. This option didn’t accommodate Rise Art’s desire for a new hire that would grow and emotionally invest in the success of the business.

Via a business referral, Rise Art contacted us at Juggle, talked through their challenge and our hiring team got straight on the case.

At the end of the day, did Juggle help?

Within one week of Rise Art’s job posting on our platform, Juggle sent the Founders a curated shortlist of six candidates. Juggle candidates are always pre-screened and video interviewed on their behalf. Two weeks and several interviews later, Rise Art hired their new, highly skilled Financial Controller at 2 days a week.

Juggle saved the business time, so they could focus on their core: “Juggle was flexible in terms of the process and delivered quickly so we could focus on our own tasks to move the business forward, while at the same time getting a number of great, quick-pick candidates in there.”

Juggle helped identify the skills and schedule that would meet the business needs: “Juggle helped put the jigsaw pieces together as to what would drive the most value internally — making sure we understood the job spec and the skill set we were aiming for.”

“Juggle’s expertise allowed us to move quicker than we could on our own. Let Juggle find you the perfect [candidate] – someone in-house, trusted, part of the team – so that you can focus on building your business.” Scott, Co-founder, Rise Art

Does this hiring problem sound familiar?

We would love to help you solve your hiring problems at your startup or SME — just let us know the challenge, and we’ll help you level up your team. Email us at hello@juggle.jobs or sign up and list your job directly at www.juggle.jobs/business

And if you’d like to add a splash of colour to your office, be sure to contact a curator at Rise Art.