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Female leaders inspire in 2020

From Jacinda Ardern to Angela Merkel, here are the women who flew in 2020.
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One thing which Juggle takes pride in doing, is helping women succeed and reach their goals. Here we discuss some difficulties which women may face during the Covid-19 crisis, as well showcasing some fantastic female leaders.

Gender & Covid-19

In recent weeks, women have been hitting the headlines for (mostly) all the right reasons. During the Covid-19 crisis, female world leaders are making smart, science based decisions, leading their countries to low death rates and the possibility of faster economic recoveries. Women’s bodies have been proven to be extraordinarily strong and resilient; useful when fighting a virus with no (current) cure. On the downside, it appears women are taking the lionshare of domestic caring responsibilities worldwide, domestic violence numbers are tracking upwards and PPE is designed for men not women. Whether we like it or not, gender is very much a part of the conversation when it comes to the current health crisis, good and bad.

Life after Covid-19

Much discussion has now turned to “what will life look like after Covid-19”. One school of thought here is “not much” but the trends that were in motion will accelerate (hopefully quite dramatically). One of the trends we focus on  at Juggle is gender balance at leadership levels in business. Currently less than 21% of C-suite level leaders are women and if we continue progressing at the current rate, we’ll close this gap in 99.5 years. How do we ensure that this particular trend is accelerated, particularly in light of the fantastic examples of female leadership we’re seeing during this crisis? 


One small way in which we can contribute is to shine a light on the women that we know well who are leading today. In 2017, Juggle started a campaign showcasing the brilliant female leaders  we know, sharing the quotes that keep them going. April 2020 is a particularly difficult time with the outbreak of Covid-19;  resilience in the face of such heartbreak and pressure is challenging. Yet resilience, humour and humility is what we’re witnessing and so today I’m delighted to kick off this campaign again. Thank you to all the wonderful participants for your uplifting, poignant and often hilarious quotes – you’re a brilliant bunch. Special thanks to my mother, Natasha who skipped the world of business for a worthy cause indeed, nursing – thank you for all that you do. 

“All your actions and inactions have consequences- negative or positive; live well” – Natasha Thomas, 2020

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