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Have you asked your team what works for them?

Full time and Flexible: Unlock productivity in your team.

Some businesses we speak with are reluctant to engage and embrace flexible working because of pre-built connotations that flexibility equals part-time or pure remote working.

“It won’t work for us – we need someone full time.”

But in practice, flexible working can just as easily apply to full time work – that’s actually the greatest demand we see from businesses and professionals.

60% of the professionals on our platform want to work full time, but need or want some flexibility around hours. This echoes the broader market, where AVIVA found that >54% would look for a role that offers flexibility when moving roles.

I work full time and normally I’m in the office Monday to Friday – but I work full time with flexible hours – and I’m more productive for it.

Committing to flexible working can be as simple as empowering your team to work in the way that best suits them – leading to increased productivity that will ultimately help to drive your business. A global study by Vodafone found that:

  •       83% found flexible working improved productivity
  •       61% saw realised increases in company profits.
  •       This was particularly felt at SME level.

When you look at flexibility with this broader lens – it’s easy to see how implementing it can benefit your employees, and your bottom line.

If you’re unsure about the following questions – it may be time to have some candid conversations:

  1. Do I really know how each of my team work best?
  2. How can I help them to be more productive?
  3. Have I made it clear from the top down that flexibility is encouraged?

Culturally – you could be missing out on a more engaged team, and more crudely, you are not being as efficient with company spend as you need to be.

So what does flexibility mean to me?

  •       At 3pm I often go to the gym or I suffer from a carb-induced coma.
  •       On Wednesday mornings I run a fitness class in town – so I come in a later.
  •       If I’m doing ‘strategy’ – I like to work from different spaces to get some headspace.

It doesn’t sound like a lot, and it’s not – but it’s a massive change from when I worked in a rigid bank with no flexibility. I’m happier and I am more motivated than ever to work hard and succeed because I feel empowered to do my job.

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