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Why it’s important to know the reasons your employees work flexibly

It’s no secret that demand for flexible roles has risen, but with record numbers of people choosing to have children later or not at all, it would be wrong to assume that having a family is the sole reason for such an increase.

As a platform that connects professionals with forward-thinking businesses, we think it’s essential to get to know our community and the people behind the roles: what makes them tick and why they want to work flexibly.  And rather than rely on others’ research, we went straight to the source and shone the spotlight on our very own pool of talent.

Pleasingly, the evidence confirms what we thought: the business world is changing. And it’s doing so because the people in it are changing; there is a huge shift away from the idea that people are simply 9-5 work horses.

The best employers are realising that productivity does not come from working staff harder and for longer; people work differently now and it helps to understand their raison d’etre.

One of the key parts of our hiring process is our ‘Getting to know you’ form. Identifying motivators of our ‘jugglers’ early means we understand the pressures outside of work, the demands on people’s time and how they choose to fit work around that. By doing this, we ensure that:

  1. We can communicate this to businesses;
  2. Our professionals trust that their needs are being looked after; and
  3. The matches made are right first time because we know what will work and what won’t.

Flexibility doesn’t necessarily mean part-time: 72% of Juggle professionals need or want to work five days per week with flexible hours. And while caring responsibilities no doubt remain the most popular reason for seeking flexible roles, after surveying our pool, we noticed five other key trends:

  • hobbies and lifestyle;
  • charity work;
  • further education;
  • portfolio careers; and
  • well-being.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be exploring these themes and talking to our ‘jugglers’ to find out what makes them different and why that’s a great thing.

By treating people as individuals with varying needs and incorporating this into your company values means you, your employees and your business will thrive.

Stay tuned!


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