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Customer retention in B2B: the 3 pillars

This blog was guest written for us by our partner, Accountancy Cloud
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What do you think is most important to a business?

To some, strong financial structures have the most value, where others believe a big, bold marketing strategy takes the gold. Interested in this question, we put our poll on Linkedin. The results revealed 61% believe that customer retention is the most important thing that a business needs to nail. 

Hey, we’re Accountancy Cloud, and we want to share our wisdom on customer retention. Here is our take on the 3 core pillars of a retention strategy.

1) Relationship-based approach

AI is a selling point, but it can also be a business’s biggest downfall. We use AI to enhance our product, but never as a replacement for human support. We build real relationships with our customers, by moving away from the notion of a transactional exchange, and instead embarking on a relationship-based approach. Communication, resourcefulness and a genuine interest in their offerings allow us to build partnerships that stand the test of time. Just check out our case studies to see! 

2) Keep your customers in the loop

We like to keep our customers in the loop. Not just with day-to-day needs but with internal company and fellow customer news too. We celebrate the wins, ask for insights and feedback, and run competitions to keep everyone informed and improve our services.

We do this through: 

  • Social media posts
  • Newsletters 
  • Phone calls 
  • Questionnaires

…and more! 

3) Resources, resources, resources

We take pride in the resources available to our customers, and not just from our app. We consistently provide blogs, guides and exciting live events that are filled with helpful tips, ideas and news dedicated to founders of startups and growing businesses.

In addition to this we’re proud to hold partnerships with many amazing companies (yes, we’re talking about you, Juggle!) that provide services to perfectly compliment the AC platform. 

By extending services past our transactional offering, we give our customers a valuable experience that helps them to grow and expand knowledge across their business, not just in accounting. 

A little about us…

We offer accounting services to businesses, with a focus on startups. Our full finance stack gives founders systems that grow as their company does, meaning they can spend more time on the big picture  – rather than pesky accounting tasks. Retention is an incredibly important part of our offering to the awesome businesses we work with…here’s what we find works for us

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