Lack of senior women and unsure how to close the gap?

We've experienced this problem first hand.

Experienced Headhunter Romanie Thomas has a decade of helping companies to find outstanding senior staff. But during that decade she saw very little progress on gender diversity at leadership level. Today, less than 10% of business leaders are women. Her vision is to grow this percentage to 50% by 2027.

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Romanie Thomas

After completing an English Literature degree, Romanie embarked on a career in recruitment. She worked for a PLC and startup before founding Juggle in 2017 with a view to solving the gender gap in business leadership, after witnessing how male-dominated the senior ranks in business are. Romanie has developed an impressive track record and knowledge of hiring top professionals into high-performing businesses, with a particular focus on diversity. Interestingly working flexibly has enabled Romanie to work longer hours when needed, because of the freedom and choice that accompanies true flexible working. It also enables her to regularly see her baby son, Falcon

Vicki Fraser

Following a history degree, it took Vicki a while to find her career calling, but when she started working as an analyst in product management back in 2005 she knew it was for her. Since, she’s built great product experiences at companies from start-up to corporate, including MessageLabs who were acquired by Symantec, Skyscanner (Scotland's first tech unicorn), and now Juggle. Vicki has spent the last ten years working flexibly and passionately believes that highly skilled people should be rewarded for their output, not input, pioneering the 4-day week for a senior person in her last role, and showing how people can perform even better with the right balance. Life balance for her means family time with her husband and kids, playing clarinet in a wind band and volunteering for Scouts.

Rosie Bedford

Rosie fell into recruitment post graduating and took to it like a duck to water. She spent her early career within boutique digital agencies and worked globally in the APAC region. She loves building relationships and has an incredible ability to match senior level professionals with aligned opportunities. Rosie firmly believes strong professionals always get the job done on their schedule. She is a true Juggler, seamlessly managing a successful coaching business, a terror toddler alongside her main role at Juggle. Rosie thrives on working flexibly and loves to spend time at the beach with her little one on her non Juggle days.

Andy Hamilton

Andy studied digital graphics at college whilst working part time as a software engineer and through both developed a deep interest in what it takes to make great products and businesses. He joined tech startup DueDil in 2014, whilst it was rapidly scaling up and moved to Juggle in 2019 after seeing how hard it is to find businesses that work flexibly and focus on outcomes. For Andy, flexible working allows him to work hard at a company he loves without having to sacrifice time for family and health when it’s needed.

Q&A with Romanie

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What made you start Juggle
In my job as a Headhunter I was frustrated by the lack of both female candidates and clients and couldn’t see how companies were going to make a step change towards equality either. It seemed obvious to me and there is now compelling data to support this theory, that flexibility in the workplace lies at the heart of the solution to this problem. What we have subsequently understood is that for this to be truly successful, companies need to have strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion for women to truly thrive.
Is flexible working is mainly for women?

Due to societal, practical and historical reasons, women have a heavier personal/family load and therefore less "give" when it comes to paid work. It is also true that given women have been historically marginalised by traditional businesses who did now allow for flexibility, they will naturally look for flexibility as not only does this meet their needs, it is a strong indicator of progression generally.

I strongly believe however that gender equality can only be achieved if flexible working is available for both men and women. It must become acceptable for ambitious, hard working men to work on their terms too in order for flexible working to become normalised and consequently. Whilst at Juggle our focus is on female professionals, we work closely with companies to educate them on this broader perspective.

How do you stay true to your mission?

We only work with businesses who have a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and opt against working for those who don't. Clearly all businesses are at different points in that journey so we don’t expect companies to have it all worked out, but we expect them to have a declared aim to focus on improving gender diversity. Our promise to professionals is very clear and if we go against that, we are not being true to our mission.

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