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Recruitmentwithout the recruiters

Juggle is a new way to employ experienced, high quality staff, fast. Signup, find and interview the best person for your role, then employ and pay them in a few clicks.

Work onyour own terms

Juggle is how professionals work on their terms. Signup for flexible jobs and we'll make sure you have a smooth hiring process and are paid on time once you're placed.

Welcome to the future of work

Four easy steps to finding a fantastic hire in just a few days

No more delays, start your first pain free hire today.
Improve your career, upgrade home life.
No more delays, start your first pain free hire today
Create your job descriptions easily, designed with gender diversity in mind
Improve your career, upgrade home life.
Experienced, empathetic humans asking about your needs
Smart Matching
No more delays, start your first pain free hire today
AI driven matching provides a list of candidates instantly, all pre-curated
Improve your career, upgrade home life.
Well matched jobs based on the terms you need
Recruitment Tools
No more delays, start your first pain free hire today
Scheduling, feedback, reminders to help you run a great process
Improve your career, upgrade home life.
Scheduling, feedback reminders to help you keep track of your jobs
Easy Paperwork
No more delays, start your first pain free hire today
Offers, references, contracts, vetting - sorted
Improve your career, upgrade home life.
Offers, references, contracts, vetting - sorted

Jenny is a phenomenal addition to our business. She’s taken the people function to the next level.

Stuart Sunderland
Stuart Sunderland
Founder & CEO, CityPantry

With this company and role I’ve found both the flexibility I needed and also the challenge I was craving.

Jenny Crawford
Jenny Crawford
Chief People Officer, CityPantry

More about Juggle and how it works


How do I signup?

Sign up and we’ll guide you through a quick yet thorough onboarding process to get you started.

How do you make sure companies are flexible?

Just like we vet our professional members, we do the same for businesses. Those that don’t embrace flexibility don’t join, simple.

How do I browse for jobs?

We don't have a 'browse jobs' function on the Juggle platform. We match you directly as and when relevant opportunities come in based on your profile input. In order to optimise your chance of being matched, please make sure your profile is fully complete and latest CV uploaded to the Juggle platform.

How do we get started?

Sign up and we will guide you through the job posting process OR speak to our team by booking a call here.

How do you prioritise gender diversity at Juggle?

We have deliberately designed the process from candidate acquisition through to placement support, to advance and support more female professionals. We also have internal placement gender targets and our mission is to solve the gender gap in business leadership.

How long does it take to see my matches?

Once we have onboarded you and your job is created, you will see matches straight away. If you would like us to act as the first “interviewer” and / or your role is very specific in its demands, speak to us and we’ll give you a tailored timeline
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